Every day in our house is filled with not only care and attention but active leisure. By providing various forms of activity, we give our residents they possibility of action in many areas of development. Their even small successes are our great pride.

Legal foundations of the nursing home operation

The Nursing Home "LiLi" is as an above local organisation. The authority in charge is Masurian Economy Community PLC in Golubie. It is coeducational, planned for 100 chronically mentally disturbed adults non-requiring hospital treatment.
The Nursing Home is listed as no. 44 for open-ended period in the register of Nursing Homes of Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship (the decision no. PS-IV-EK.9423.1.1.2011.BD, dated on 11.08.2011).

In accordance with the act of social aid it provides service for dwelling, nursing, support and education fulfilling the required standard in the scope and forms resulting from individual needs of occupants. It also provides the possibility of exploiting benefits guaranteed by public health insurance; takes into consideration freedom, privacy, dignity and feeling of security of occupants as well as their degree of physical and mental ability.

The placement and surroundings

The Nursing Home "LiLi" is situated in north-east Poland, in the village of Golubie. Golubie is the oldest village in Kalinowo district, placed in the close neighbourhood of forests, lakes and towns as Ełk, Olecko and Augustów. A lake district belt enchants with the beauty of landcape, hospitality of inhabitants and rich cultural heritage.

One of the most prominent attractions of the region is the palace-park complex established in Golubie by the Graf von Stielfried. This place was used to be called the Karolina Valley was renowned for its curative water and specific microclimate.

The beautiful architecture of the palace, rich forests and the charm of small ponds fascinated artists as well. In 1928 the whole object was taken in the possession of state treasury. After WW2 it had been abandoned and gradually fell into decay.
In 1998 new owners took up the renovation of the palace and in the newly refurbished part they set up the first at the time on Masury Centre for Rehabilitation and Recreation – „LiLi".

In 2004 Social and Cultural Society „Common Heritage" built the KALAMIRA mansion, impressive both architecturally and functionally, serving the purpose of Nursing Home or some other kind of nursing-treatment institution. Since 2011 The Nursing Home „LiLi" has been located on the very premises.