The house possesses two floors with disabled-friendly architectural solutions, it is facilitated for the wheelchaired ones, it has Braille messages for visually impaired, a lift, it is equipped with the staff intercall system.


  • 2 or 3 person rooms and extra charged single rooms (with a possibility to furnish one's room with personal furniture). Each room is facilitated with TV-set and bathroom with shower adopted to disabled ones and visually impaired.


  • 3 to 5 meals a day,
  • meals are prepared on the site (no external catering)
  • optional meals in accordance with personally prescribed diet
  • beverages at will

Medical carea

  • family doctor, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, 24/7 nursing
  • surgeries accordingly equipped with medical and rehabilitation equipment:
  • kinetic therapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • physiotherapy
  • massage

Activity therapy

Activities are run on the basis of occupant's support plans worked out by The Home Therapeutic-Nursing Department.

Activities take place daily from 8 AM till 4 PM with the meal-breaks.

Occupants have the selection of

  • music therapy (singing, music)
  • bibliotherapy
  • visual arts
  • gymnastics
  • relaxation techniques
  • kinetic therapy
  • team-games
  • dancing
  • film
  • gardening
  • angling
  • individual meetings with a psychologist

Dwelling conditions

  • thedining room is on the ground floor. (There is a possibility of eating in one's room or personal feeding, in case it is required by the occupant's health condition.)
  • a small kitchen is located in every department, it is the fully equipped and at dwellers' disposal
  • a small bar-food shop
  • a library with a reading room
  • the daily lounge
  • an activity therapy room
  • the house chapel, once-a-week mass and priest's care
  • laundry
  • a car customised for transport of disabled persons, it is used for excursions and driving to specialist clinics.